The NYPD reopened two cold cases of Christopher's death and the murder of the witness to his demise, Riza Dekidjiev. Please contact us ASAP at or by phone @ 212-697-0644 if you have any info.

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The Reality:
Every day, crimes are committed against average citizens like us, but an overburdened criminal-justice system fails to pursue them.  The reality is that wealthy, powerful and other “beautiful” people are more likely to see justice served than the rest of us.  In some circumstances, difficult or troublesome cases can be swept under the carpet, denied or completely ignored.  This is especially true of cases involving well-connected Mob or Political figures.  The story of Christopher O’Connor is one of these cases.


The Short Story:
On April 11, 1987, outside L'Amour East Nightclub in Queens, NY, The body of Christopher O'Connor was discovered near a garbage dumpster.  Hours earlier that morning, Christopher had placed a 911 call for help, but when Police arrived they “found nothing” and left the scene without investigating further.  Witnesses were available who had seen Christopher being beaten and dragged into the nightclub by several bouncers, but the witnesses were not questioned.  Officially, to this day, authorities have refused to even declare it a crime. Why?



The Quest:
For more than 15 years a few dedicated professionals have independently pursued the facts and details of this case in an attempt to realize long-overdue justice. This site would not exist without their perseverance and effort.  Fortunately, there is no Statute of Limitations on murder.


The Challenge:
Within this site you will find summaries and detailed accounts of the events of April 11, 1987, discoveries of independent investigators, medical examiners and witnesses in the following 15 years.  It is not our intent to overwhelm our visitors, but to fairly present the whole truth without embellishment so that you can make an informed decision of your own.  There is a lot of material to cover, but we urge you to explore it carefully.  Then take up the challenge to Help Christopher.

gavel The Goal:
We admit that there are some gaps and questionable details in the story, but filling those gaps and answering those questions is the main purpose of this website.  We hope to encourage those with additional pertinent information to come forward and add their knowledge to our continued investigation.  Additionally, we hope to encourage Public Officials to finally admit the crime, open a proper investigation and bring the perpetrators to Justice.

Who knows the real first and last name of the bouncer called Fat Al?
Who was supposedly at the club L'Amour East on April 10th and 11th in 1987?
Please contact us via phone or email by clicking here.

We need your help!
Fund Justice for Christopher.

Thank you to all the concerned citizens across the world for the many leads coming in to this case.
Watch out Queens County!

Cold cases are being solved everyday. There is always hope, and we will get justice.

After nearly 17 years, another cold case was solved.
Click here for the details.


In memoriam to Donald V. North, Born October 15, 1942, Died January 23, 2005
Michael Salem, former national spokesperson and former head of fundraising for Parents of Murdered Children and other survivors of homicide would like to thank Don for his generosity in spending time, at no charge, for victims of homicides in various investigations... Thank You, Don.

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